Healthy Take Out – Agawam MA

The Federal Restaurant is Serving Up Quick & Healthy Meals To Go

The Federal is now offering a healthy take out menu you can order in advance. When you life style is too hectic to prepare healthy meals, turn to The Federal Restaurant. Avoid the temptation of fast foods – preportioned meals are delicious, nutritious, and they come from our amazing chef. Our alternative to fast food take-out is better for your healthQuick & Healthy eating. The days are shorter, and work and the holiday season makes many demands on us. We understand that you lead a busy life, work hard, play hard, and have little time or inclination to plan, shop and prepare high quality, nutritious meals every day. We also know it’s just not possible to take the time to dine out on a regular basis. Many working people opt for take-out meals – and let’s face it, when you are really hungry, your choices may not always be healthy for you. Our flavorful and healthy alternative to traditional take-out is called Quick & Healthy Eating. The Federal’s Quick & Healthy Eating Program provides a week’s worth of nutritious and easy to prepare meals that fits your busy lifestyle – and delight your taste buds.

Each Quick & Healthy meal is measured out and individually packed for every day of the week. Nutrition information is provided for each meal. All meals are microwavable for your convenience. Priced at $ 8.95 per meal. Link:

The Take-Out Menu at The Federal Restaurant

The Federal still offer the best take-out menu in western Massachusetts. Our unique and tantalizing appetizers, side dishes and entrees are rave-worthy, and great for last minute house parties, game nights, and casual gatherings. When the Federal cooks for you, your guests will rave about the unforgettable food!

The Federal’s Appetizer list from the take out menu marries the most flavorful tastes and textures. Some of patrons’ favorite appetizers include fig poppers (a seasonal selection), prosciutto di parma, the Federal’s famous risotto balls with fresh black truffle butter, and steamed PEI mussels flavored with a touch of sambuca.

The Federal Restaurant take out menu entrée list is equally impressive and certain to please. Our roasted meats, chicken, salmon and shrimp entrée selections are melt-in-your-mouth tender. Pasta offerings include the federal’s amazing truffles “mac & cheese”, pasta soffrito, and chicken Bolognese. Roasted beef tenderloin, lavender honey side of salmon, rosemary roasted statler chicken breast, roasted flank steak, grilled breaded shrimp skewers, and boneless braised beef short ribs.

Tap to view and download the federal’s entire take out menu.

The Federal Restaurant’s menu is modern with strong Italian and French influences, cuisine with a ‘New American’ attitude. For innovative pairings, textures and flavors, include The Federal Restaurant in your dinner plans for any occasion.